About Us

Our Story

Blue Mountains Coffee Roasters (bmcoffee) is a small family business established in 1996 and located in Valley Heights, within the National Park of the Blue Mountains New South Wales.

Blue Mountains Coffee Roasters is a boutique, specialty coffee roaster and supplier to cafes, restaurants and other businesses in the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas.  

Since our humble beginning all those years ago, our business has grown largely on the strength of word-of-mouth, thanks to our many satisfied customers delighted with the quality of our coffee.

Our focus is on providing our customers the best coffee drinking experience possible.

To that end, we source the finest quality specialty green coffee beans we can find from coffee growing regions around the world.

We then create unique blends and roast them to perfection, at altitude, in our Blue Mountains Coffee Roastery, providing freshly roasted coffee to our customers.

We see specialty coffee as something that should be enjoyed by all and we are renowned for supplying our customers with fresh, high quality and flavoursome coffee blends and single origin coffees at an affordable price.

Today, Blue Mountains Coffee Roasters also operates a successful online wholesale and retail coffee business where customers around Australia can buy our unique blends of fresh roasted coffee direct from the roaster.